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CSECO Fiberscope Detection Kit Allows Hinds County Officers to Locate Over $500,000

Police officers around the country want to ensure the communities in which they serve are safe. Luckily, many federal, state and neighborhood law enforcement officers have the high technology tools they need to help them. Equipment manufactured by Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company is among the most often used. The Buster Contraband Detector, FV Series Fiberscope Detection Kit and CT-30 Contraband Team Detection Kit provide the tools needed for contraband detection, drug interdiction, and explosives detection.

Earlier this year, officers from the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department were able locate a large amount of contraband currency with the help of the CSECO Fiberscope Detection Kit. At some point in a usual traffic stop in April, on I-55, an officer noticed marks around the fuel tank and truck bed of the vehicle he had stopped. Even though he was suspicious, he did not have the tools he needed to do a proper inspection. Remembering a fellow officer kept a CSECO FV Series Fiberscope Detection kit in his squad car, he radioed his colleague who soon arrived with the Fiberscope.

The Fiberscope is a flexible fiber optic video camera with two-way articulation and high intensity light used in contraband detection. It is made with a heavy-duty tungsten skin that allows officers to use the fiberscope in either gasoline or diesel fuel without damage. Because of its durability and flexibility, it provides users with a full 360° view inside of a vehicle fuel tank, dashboard or door.


CSECO FV Series Fiberscope locates smuggled cash in fuel tank

Using the CSECO FV Series Fiberscope Detection Kit and contraband detector, the officers inserted the fiberscope into the vehicle’s fuel tank fill-tube. The officers were able to clearly see several bundles of US currency that had been shrink-wrapped and were floating in the fuel. Because the Fiberscope is portable, the officers were able to make their initial inspection right on the roadside where they had stopped the vehicle.

Officers impounded the vehicle and took it to the police station. After removing the truck bed to gain access to the fuel tank, the officers discovered more than 70% of the fuel tank was full of smuggled currency. The total value of the contraband currency – $547,620! The officers freely admit they would have had a different outcome without the use of the CSECO contraband detection equipment, especially the FV Series Fiberscope Detection Kit.

The officer, so encouraged with the results of this seizure, offered his unsolicited thoughts, “The following pictures are of the money seizure Hinds County Deputy made on Interstate 55 in Mississippi on April 14th, 2013. Using the CSECO FV Series Fiberscope, I viewed the tank’s interior and noticed numerous packages of US Currency in heat sealed bags, concealed in the gas tank. Feel free to use them [the photos] for promotional reasons.”


Hinds County Sheriff’s Deputies show off smuggled cash located with CSECO contraband detection equipment


Using CSECO contraband detection equipment, Hinds County Sheriff’s Deputies display over $500,000 located in a vehicle’s fuel tank.


Of course, it is also gratifying for CSECO team members when law enforcement officers have such glowing words for their contraband detection equipment. “We focus on making inspection equipment like the comprehensive CT-30 Contraband Team Inspection Kit which includes the Buster® K910B Contraband Detector and the CSECO FV Series Fiberscope Detection Kit for moments like these,” said CSECO president Tony Harris. “The officer’s job was made easier and American streets made safer by using our equipment and that is our mission.”

CSECO equipment, including the FV Series Fiberscope, CT-30 Contraband Team Inspection Kit and Buster Contraband Detector are used by the United States government, state and local law enforcement, and more than 60 foreign government agencies. The CSECO Buster Contraband Detector is considered the ‘gold standard’ in contraband detection because of it is one of the safest and most reliable devices of its kind available and has been for more than 30 years.

Buster Contraband Detector – Standing Out Among Competitors

Buster Contraband Detector – Standing Out Among CompetitorsContraband detection is important when US Customs and Border Protection or state or local law enforcement suspect someone is trying to smuggle illegal drugs or other contraband. When accuracy is important, law enforcement agencies choose the Buster Contraband Detector, also known as The Buster K910B Density Meter, considered as being the ‘gold standard’ of contraband detectors.

Patrick J. Campbell was approached by the US government in the early 1980s to come up with a tool to help them search for hidden contraband. Since Campbell had experience using radioactive elements, he chose that technology to develop the Buster with direct input from US Customs and Border Protection agent end-users. Originally, the Buster contraband detector was supposed to detect cash or narcotics.

Today, the Buster has RAD-Aware® Technology which makes it effective as radiation detection equipment. Because of this small, hand-held tool, first responders can tell if radioactive elements are in the area. First responders are also able to verify safe perimeters that will keep themselves and the general public away from harm.

The Buster K910B Density Meter is unique among contraband detectors available today. It uses low-intensity gamma radiation with scintillation detection to enable it to quickly scan a vehicle or room. Generally, a vehicle can be scanned within 5 minutes, and an average-size room in about 10 minutes.
Competitors’ contraband detection meters use radio waves, millimeter waves, microwaves or ultraviolet wave technology. Many government and law enforcement agencies consider this technology to be inferior because it has limitations and can cause the officers to use more than one meter to do the same job the Buster is able to do on its own. The Buster scans through metal, wood, fabric and reinforced plastic easily and quickly. These scans are non-invasive and effective for locating hidden items.

Would-be smugglers will hide contraband in a variety of places including fuel tanks, car doors, spare tires, hidden compartments and false bottoms. If there is an open space in a vehicle, chances are contraband has been hidden there at one time or another. The Buster also scans shipping containers, trucks, airplanes and boats along with cars.

The Buster was also designed to provide auditory and visual readouts. The readouts will aid the user in locating explosives, cash, concealed drugs and illegal weapons. Using the optional telescoping pole, officers are able to reach previously unreachable areas on vehicles using the “Buster –on-a-Stick.” The audible sound alerts the user to the presence of contraband, and the LCD provides clear visual indication of contraband.
CSECO provides the Buster Contraband Detector and Density Meter to these United States governmental agencies:

• U. S. State Department
• U. S. Department of Homeland Security
• U. S. Customs and Border Protection
• U. S. Drug Enforcement Administration
• U. S. National Guard
• U. S. Coast Guard
• Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement Agencies
• International Law Enforcement Agencies in over 70 countries around the world

The Buster Contraband Detector is also easy to use, which helps it to stand out among other contraband detectors. CSECO also offers training for every piece of contraband detection equipment it sells at the CSECO facility for no charge, or for a fee at the purchaser’s location. CSECO also travels to law enforcement agency trade shows to provide demonstrations of the Buster and other contraband detection equipment. You can learn more about the Buster Contraband Detector and other equipment by emailing info@cseco.com or by calling them at 510-864-8010.

The K910B Buster Compared to Other Contraband Detection Equipment

The Buster K910 Density Meter and Contraband Detector

The Buster K910 Density Meter is used for contraband detection but is also equipped with Rad-Aware® technology to alert first responders to potential radioactive danger.

With the War on Drugs and the black market, it has become more important than ever to have good contraband detection in place. One piece of contraband detection equipment that has been proven to be a useful tool in this effort is the Buster K910B Density Meter. Often referred to as the “gold standard” of contraband detection, the Buster is used across the country.

Patrick J. Campbell created the Buster, and he has over 35 years of experience in the design and creation of contraband detection equipment and radioactivity detection equipment. He makes instruments that are simple to use even when the user has no experience with technology. He worked alongside the US Customs and Border Patrol and the federal government when designing the Buster. It was originally intended for cash and narcotics, but is just as effective in finding other contraband.

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The Fiberscope as Contraband Detection Equipment

The CSECO FV Series Fiberscope used for contraband detection

The CSECO FV Series Fiberscope is used for contraband detection each day by law enforcement agencies across the United States. As part of the CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit, the Fiberscope is a vital tool for locating hidden contraband.

The FV-Series Fiberscope by CSECO is one of the items that come with the CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit by CSECO. It consists of a flexible tool with a fiber optic light that allows vision into small areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. An optional digital recording device can be added that will allow items that are discovered to be documented. Some areas that can be accessed with the fiberscope include fuel tanks, car doors, below seats, under dashboards, inside ductwork, and more.

There are not small, detachable parts to the one-piece Fiberscope. The built-in battery is rechargeable, and it has a built-in LED light. Its two-way articulation allows visibility in all directions, and its one-hand operation makes it easy to operate. The optional digital camera can capture still pictures or video, and images can be reviewed immediately, making it an excellent tool for contraband detection.

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Explosives and Contraband Detection

The Buster contraband detection is used to scan vehicles including tires

The Buster K910 Density Meter is considered by many law enforcement officers and US Customs and Border Patrol agents to be the ‘gold standard’ in contraband detection.

When there is a concern about possible explosives, contraband detection equipment can be used to discover them and the devices can be properly defused and disposed. Many times, seconds count in situations where explosives may be present. You might think about movies, where the hero defuses the bomb at the very last second of the countdown – while that rarely happens in real life, the threat can still be real, and preventing damage and death is a priority.

The “gold standard” product available to handle this niche is the Buster K910B Density Meter by CSECO. It has been used for over 30 years for contraband detection and has been proven to be the safest option. It is effective and dependable, as well as easy to use.

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CSECO Director Trains Former Soviets in Contraband Detection

The CSECO Buster contraband detector can help Customs Patrol agents locate hidden contraband

Using the CSECO Buster density meter and contraband detector, Customs Authority officers were able to locate illegal Russian cigarettes that were hidden within compartments cut out of the bumper of this vehicle. CSECO’s Damaune Journey recently provided training in the former Soviet Union country.

CSECO’s Director of International Sales & Marketing, Damaune Journey, offered a training program in a country that was once a part of the Soviet Union for personnel of their Customs Authority. He traveled to this country with the express purpose of teaching them how to use the CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit, which includes the Buster K910B Density Meter and the FV-Series Fiberscope.

The Customs Authority was using the kit for contraband detection at the border of Russia, and all parts of the contraband detection equipment were used. On two different occasions, the equipment allowed agents to discover Russian cigarettes, packed loosely and being transported illegally in hollow compartments in the vehicle’s bumpers.

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CSECO’s CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit Praised by the Mato Grosso Integrated Management Office

The CSECO CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit is a complete kit for detecting hidden contraband

The CT-30 Contraband Detection Kit includes everything law enforcement officials need: Buster contraband detector and density meter, FV Series Fiberscope and more.

The Integrated Management Office (IMO) of Bolivia’s largest state, Mato Grosso, tested CSECO’s CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit. For about six weeks in April and May, they used the kit, and then returned a report. Quotes below are from their official report.

The CSECO Buster Contraband Detection Kit, they said, is “very useful for inspections which require speed without room for error in a maximum of five minutes for the parts of the vehicle to be inspected.” They also found it helpful to accomplish this “without having to disassemble anything in places where materials of contraband are found.” By contraband, they are referring to such things as weapons, money, illegal electronics, or illegal narcotics. A reflector light included in the display allows for use at night, making the results clearly visible, they continued.

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How US Government Departments Use FV Series Fiberscopes

The FreedomView (FV) Fiberscope is used daily by US Customs and Border Patrol agents for contraband detection.

When contraband detection is necessary, turn to the FV-Series Fiberscope. It is used daily by US Customs and Border Patrol agents and law enforcement officers across the United States.

Despite the incredible contraband detection technology available to law enforcement these days, people still try to move drugs and other contraband across the borders of and then within the United States, hoping they won’t get caught. Thanks to the Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) FV Series Fiberscopes, this is much more difficult. US Government agents are able to inspect many more places, vehicles and containers than ever before with the FV Series Fiberscope and confiscate illegal contraband before it reaches cities across the country.

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