July 21, 2024

How US Government Departments Use FV Series Fiberscopes

The FreedomView (FV) Fiberscope is used daily by US Customs and Border Patrol agents for contraband detection.
When contraband detection is necessary, turn to the FV-Series Fiberscope. It is used daily by US Customs and Border Patrol agents and law enforcement officers across the United States.

Despite the incredible contraband detection technology available to law enforcement these days, people still try to move drugs and other contraband across the borders of and then within the United States, hoping they won’t get caught. Thanks to the Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) FV Series Fiberscopes, this is much more difficult. US Government agents are able to inspect many more places, vehicles and containers than ever before with the FV Series Fiberscope and confiscate illegal contraband before it reaches cities across the country.

Here are just a few of the many ways that various enforcement agencies have made excellent use of FV Series Fiberscopes:

  • At border crossings, smugglers and other potential criminals hide drugs, cash, and other contraband in very creative ways in vehicles. Border officials working in contraband detection find illegal imports hidden in fuel tanks and even inside tires.Dark enclosed spaces like fuel tanks and door, seat or quarter panel interiors are perfectly suited to the FV Series Fiberscope. Its sturdy, tungsten covered fiber optics bundle, which brings light to even the darkest places, resists gasoline and diesel fuel and allows the enforcement officer to see in all directions, 360° of the area.

    In combination with the available video camera and monitor upgrade, not only can the contents of the space be seen by several officers simultaneously, everything the FV Series Fiberscope sees can be recorded, too.

  • Every year, there are hundreds of new vehicle models released, giving prospective smugglers new possibilities for hiding places. Narcotics and other contraband smugglers can be very creative. Fortunately, the creative use of the FV Series Fiberscope Contraband Detection Systems by US Customs and Border Patrol agents means that these hiding places will be discovered. Fiberscope contraband detection technology helps keep the good guys one step ahead, adapting the interdiction methods to find and keep drugs off the streets and put drug and contraband dealers behind bars.The CSECO FO–10–2.0(FV) Fiberscope with built-in 2-way articulation and 120 degrees viewing capabilities, allows agents and officers to efficiently inspect hidden or hard to reach areas in a vehicle quickly and without fuss. The probe is a full 2 meters (80 inches) long. Submersion in water or fuel will not damage the scope. An optional Window Wedge speeds inspection of door panels and the spaces around them.
  • Closed containers and sealed boxes and bags can easily be subjected to contraband detection using the FV Series Fiberscope. It gives officials the ability to inspect the interior of boxes and other sealed containers without having to open them. The fiberscope can be teamed up with CSECO’s Buster K910B Density Meter, for the ultimate in contraband detection. Interdiction teams can use Buster to indicate that a box or container might contain suspicious items, and then bring in the fiberscope to verify the contents of a container.Purchasers of the FV Series Fiberscope can feel secure knowing that CSECO provides the necessary training to best use the equipment for contraband detection, and stands behind its product 100%.

Proof of the usefulness of the FV Series Fiberscope can be seen in the contraband detection and seizure of $547,620 on April 14, 2013 in Hinds County, MS. Local law enforcement officers used the fiberscope to see shrink-wrapped bundles of cash hidden in a fuel tank (taking up almost 75% of the tank volume).

The FV Series Fiberscope aids many government agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Patrol, and the Coast Guard in their efforts at contraband detection and interdiction. Untold millions in illegal drugs and other contraband never reach the streets; much of the credit for this belongs to the use of the many fiberscopes as contraband detection.