June 21, 2024

CSECO Director Trains Former Soviets in Contraband Detection

The CSECO Buster contraband detector can help Customs Patrol agents locate hidden contraband
Using the CSECO Buster density meter and contraband detector, Customs Authority officers were able to locate illegal Russian cigarettes that were hidden within compartments cut out of the bumper of this vehicle. CSECO’s Damaune Journey recently provided training in the former Soviet Union country.

CSECO’s Director of International Sales & Marketing, Damaune Journey, offered a training program in a country that was once a part of the Soviet Union for personnel of their Customs Authority. He traveled to this country with the express purpose of teaching them how to use the CT-30 Contraband Detection Team Kit, which includes the Buster K910B Density Meter and the FV-Series Fiberscope.

The Customs Authority was using the kit for contraband detection at the border of Russia, and all parts of the contraband detection equipment were used. On two different occasions, the equipment allowed agents to discover Russian cigarettes, packed loosely and being transported illegally in hollow compartments in the vehicle’s bumpers.

The Customs Authority officers said that the training was helpful, providing information necessary for using the fiberscope safely and using the Buster efficiently.

CSECO provides training both at home and overseas for those who purchase contraband detection equipment and need help with getting started. You can get more information about available training by emailing Journey@cseco.com.