July 21, 2024

Increase Contraband Detection Success with CSECO

To say that contraband detection is a difficult job to do is an understatement. But it was more challenging when officers used only rudimentary tools to search for hidden contraband. But not any longer! With the variety of products offered by Campbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO), officers do not have to use primitive detection tools and rely on their gut feel to help them locate hidden contraband.

Although CSECO has a variety of products, we focus on the three major tools to facilitate successful contraband detection:

1. Buster K910G Density Meter

The Buster density meter was CSECO’s first contraband detection tool. It uses low-intensity gamma radiation emitter and scintillation detector to quickly scan vehicles, cargo, spaces etc., that are suspected of carrying contraband. The Buster can finish scanning an entire vehicle within five minutes, or an entire room of an average size within 10 minutes.

It also uses the “backscatter radiation” technology which provides more accurate details of an object’s density. The low-intensity gamma rays beam out of the Buster, penetrating the object in question, and scatter back to the Buster. The denser the object, the more gamma rays potentially scatter back, which increases the Buster’s reading.

Depending on the thickness of the object being scanned, the gamma rays can penetrate into it as deep as six inches.

The Buster can locate several different concealed objects that range from narcotics to cash to explosives, through various materials like wood, metal, cardboard, packing foam, reinforced plastics, and even dirt.

The new and improved Buster, the Buster K910G, has better electronics and is now safe for human use and for the environment. It is also included in both CT-30 and CT-40 detection kits.

2. Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System

While the Buster can detect potentially hidden items on its own, there are times that officers need to confirm the presence of hidden contraband by having a peek inside the object in question. This will help them to accurately identify what kind of item that’s hidden inside it.

Thankfully, there’s the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope. It is a one-piece visual inspection tool whose most noticeable feature is its large, multi-directional high-resolution color LCD display. The display itself has a push-button dimming/brightening and digital zoom that provides ten times the resolution of the leading fiberscope.

With its large display, the user can now look into the suspected area clearly without losing visibility of their immediate surroundings, reducing the chances of eye fatigue as well as ensuring the officer can remain safe.

Like the fiberscope, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope also features a long, thin, flexible, articulating fuel-resistant shaft that is equipped with a powerful LED light source. But unlike the fiberscope, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope does not contain glass fibers, making it more durable than the fiberscope.

This tool has one of the most important features – UL safety approval. This certifies that the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope is a nonincendive equipment and meets applicable UL certification standards and requirements. You can use the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope even in hazardous areas such as gas tanks.

You can purchase the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope on its own, or as part of the CT-40 detection kit.

3. FV Series Fiberscope

There is another visual inspection tool that helps officers actually see and confirm the presence of contraband hidden inside a suspected object – the FV Series Fiberscope.

It provides a two-way articulation, with its flexible cable allowing the viewer to have a full 360-degree view inside of any object in question – a gas tank, a door or a dashboard. The fiber optic bundle is encased and protected by a heavy-duty, fuel- and gas-resistant tungsten coating.

The FV Series Fiberscope is often used in conjunction with the Buster density meter. It can also be used with an attachable video camera to record everything being inspected while showing it to other agents on screen at the same time.

You can purchase the FV Series Fiberscope on its own, or as part of the CT-30 detection kit.

All of these major contraband detection tools are also known for being user-friendly – anyone who is not well-versed on anything technical can operate them. But if you want additional knowledge on the use of the Buster, the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope, or the FV Series Fiberscope, CSECO will be glad to provide you with training and instruction materials. CSECO can arrange for a free training at their own facility in California. But if you would like the CSECO team to visit your facility or country, CSECO charges a standard training fee.

CSECO is known in the United States and also overseas for its high-quality and dependable contraband detection solutions. CSECO is the only name that you should trust when you want to increase your chances of success while inspecting for hidden contraband.