May 19, 2024

The Videoscope Used by Customs and Border Protection and Law Enforcement

The Videoscope Used by Customs and Border Protection and Law EnforcementCampbell/Harris Security Equipment Company (CSECO) has been providing quality contraband detection equipment to border protection and law enforcement agencies in the U.S. and several countries around the world since the mid-1980s. While CSECO is primarily known for the Buster K910G Density Meter, it also has other contraband detection tools.

The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope is one of CSECO’s most recent offerings. This comprehensive visual inspection tool is guaranteed to bring faster, more successful, and safer inspections on vehicles and other items and areas for contraband.

The following lists the key features of the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope:

  • Five-inch (12.7 centimeters) multi-directional, high-resolution color LCD– it allows the user to see clearly into the suspect area without losing visibility to their immediate surroundings. The larger screen helps reduce eye fatigue, which is often experienced by using fiberscopes.
  • 5x continuous digital live-image zoom– it provides ten times the resolution of the leading fiberscope.
  • Two-way articulating 2.0m x 6mm probeis fuel safe, protected with tungsten, and equipped with powerful built-in LED light, which has a three-stage intensity adjustment.
  • Still image capture and on-screen review
  • Digital video recording and on-screen review
  • On-screen menu
  • Push-button feature controls
  • On-board storage via an S.D. card slot
  • Long-life built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Battery charger
  • certification

These features of the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope are packed in a one-piece tool, which means there’s no need for external wires, cables, or any other attachments. The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope leads to ease and comfort of use, allowing for longer and more productive inspections.

The Perfect Vision V20’s most important feature is its U.L. Certification, making it perfectly safe for use in hazardous locations. You can use the Perfect Vision for more detailed inspections of car doors, dashboards, and even fuel tanks – safely – as it doesn’t cause dangerous sparks or ignition.

The Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope is used by federal, state, and national law enforcement agencies, including the U.S. Border Patrol. It has proven to be a useful tool.

Border guards from all over the world also use CSECO’s equipment, including the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope, to inspect vehicles and confiscate contraband before reaching the streets of their countries.

Make your inspections longer, more productive, and safer with the Perfect Vision V20 Videoscope Inspection System – the videoscope used by police, drug interdiction agents, border patrol officers, and other law enforcement agents in the U.S. and around the world.